Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time Flies

Where did the time go? Before I noticed, we are entering a second quarter of the new year! Christmas time and new years was very busy, full of travelling, seing family, friends. Lots and lots of good moments. For Christmas the whole clan met up in the Bay Area where we spent a few wonderful days celebrating and enjoying the company of each other. The three little cousins had a blast playing together too. Then came New Years day, and after the time flew so fast I lost track.

My husband got me an iphone back in the fall which by now I got very comfortable using for most of my facebooking and pinning. So much so that I hardly remember the last time I used my computer for that. And since I was mostly busy and away from my computer I dropped out of the groove of blogging. I guess, I should try out their app for that :)

Anyway, I am still here, still enjoying my mommyhood and all the adventures that come with it. The recent development is that my daughter finally began walking. She's been crawling for a long time. But as far as walking, it seemed like she couldn't get her balance right. It was ok when someone would hold her by the hand. But she was terrified to let go. Well, at the age of one year and 3 months she finally did. It was actually kind of amazing, one day she just got up and walked. And she's been doing that ever since.

With that came the next stage for both of us - she is officially a toddler! And even though she is a bit more touchy and a lot more energetic, it's a fun new stage. I can hardly wait to begin planting my garden. It is going to be so much exploring for her too!